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A magical cavern of lighting. Really impressive. I can't comment on prices because I don't know the lighting market very well. And I still use candles at home, cos I've a lot of bees under the sink. But a cool place, for sure. (the shop, not under my sink).

Declan KerrCustomer

First time in the store since I live in the town 11 years now. What a wonderful place to get ideas, lamps, furniture, cushions, mirrors and other little things that makes your home cosy and warm, beautiful and comfortable. The staff are very friendly and helpful but if you need to just look around they let you do it without left the feeling you have to buy something. The cosy little gallery of the frames and pictures can help you to find a right look of your home or makes you think you really have to frame your pictures of your family, holiday if you don't have there is a lot of beautiful art prints available to choose from.

Eva MayerCustomer

Huge range of lighting - the best and most extensive I have ever seen. Got the perfect table lamp for my hall. Was spoiled for choice. Well worth a visit.

Eilish HenryCustomer
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